Here are some common questions we get asked about our fudge. If you don’t see your question here, please feel free to Contact Us and ask.

Questions about our Fudge

How long does your food last?
Sugar is a preservative, and has been used for centuries to preserve foods. It actually draws moisture from microbial cells. However over time, the sugar will attract more moisture, and while that will not lead to microbes — it will attract natural yeast, which will start to ferment the sugar. Basically, assuming you have the will power to leave the fudge laying around, after about four to six weeks it will start to taste funny. Now, that doesn’t mean you can leave it forever and not get sick; but our fudge should be tasty and safe until the expiration date on the package. But come on, is it really going to sit around THAT long?

Does the fudge have any animal products?
Yes. Obviously, the fudge flavors with bacon do, but all of the fudge is made with butter and evaporated milk. We are working on vegan options, but we have not had the success replicating our smooth texture and rich flavors. Therefore, our fudge is neither vegan nor casein free.

Is your fudge gluten free?

Most of it is. The following flavors contain gluten:

  • Cookies & Cream – The cookies have gluten.
  • S’mores – The graham cracker cookies have gluten.

Do you use thickeners such as carrageenan, xanthan gum, or guar gum?
No, we do not use thickening agents specifically. Our fudge thickens through the cooking process to allow the sugar and fat to set properly.

Is your fudge non-GMO?
At this time we have not sourced ingredients specifically identified as non-GMO because labeling laws do not require companies to do so. We certainly do not modify the genetics of our fudge.

Do you use preservatives?
Other than sugar, which we don’t add specifically for preservation, we add no preservatives to our fudge. We could add some and the fudge would last longer on the shelf, but we prefer our small-batch, gourmet fudge to be preservative free.

Are there nut products in the fudge flavors that don’t have nuts?
Obviously people with nut allergies can avoid flavors like Holy Nutty Fudge (walnuts) and G.W. Carver Fudge (peanut butter), but what about the flavors without added nuts? Well, we make all of our fudge flavors on the same equipment. We clean the equipment between each batch according to food safety regulations, and we do not cross contaminate our flavors when making fudge. Some people with particularly sensitive, life-threatening allergies may have to avoid our fudge.

Questions about ordering fudge

Where can you ship?
Currently, we are only able to ship within the United States. Because we do not use preservatives in our fudge, we cannot ship internationally.